Company introduction
Company introduction

Founded in 2019, Shenzhen Xuanhui Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic components and solution service provider and a technology company for scheme development and design. Customized design and complete set of solutions for automotive electronics, wireless payment, smart city, intelligent industry and Internet of things.

The company's core products include: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5g, L16 to 24 bit sigma-delta ADC, high-precision temperature measurement, high-precision temperature control RTC, 8-bit MCU and development system, data communication interface, power management, audio power amplifier, LED driving circuit, grid driving circuit, low-power digital analog hybrid design technology. Now there are many successful high-quality chips, which are widely used in electronic watches, clocks, perpetual calendars, thermohygrometers, electronic scales, flashlights, lamps, gifts and many other electronic products.

Main products of our company:

1》 Industrial control: low power ADC, DAC, Hart modulation and demodulation chip

2》 Metering instrument: metering SOC chip and electric energy metering, metering socket, digital display voltage / current meter and multimeter solution

3》 MCU of high-precision ADC: human scale, kitchen scale, health scale, pricing scale, palm scale chip and solution

4》 Digital temperature sensor: high precision temperature measurement chip and solution

5》 Control module: special modules customized for customers, such as solar water heater, cake baking machine, etc

6》 Data communication interface: internal system data communication circuit, including single ended (SE), low dropout (LVD) and multi-mode (SE / LVD) small computer system interface (SCSI) circuits.

7》 Power management: it is a circuit that generates, distributes, protects and manages the thermal energy consumption in portable, portable and battery driven systems. It has a typical market share in portable computers, mobile phones, wireless communication devices and battery driven medical devices. The products include electroluminescent lighting driver, microprocessor monitor, USB power switch, low voltage differential regulator and high frequency switching converter.

8》 Audio power amplifier: the products include the mainstream mono and stereo power amplifier series products in the market, and provide cost-effective audio power amplifier chips for MP3 / MP4, digital photo frame, mobile phone, portable computer and other consumer electronics and communication products.

9》 LED drive circuit: various types of LED drive circuits for portable applications,

10》 Gate drive circuit: various types of gate drive circuits that drive MOSFET and IGBT. They are used in power supply, lighting and motor applications with reliable quality. The types include single tube drive, half axle drive, three-phase drive, etc., which can meet various application needs of the market.

11》 Function calculator, function calculator with perpetual calendar, and other additional functions

12》 Massager, remote control vehicle (IR and RF), soybean milk machine

13》 Multi channel clock control switch, temperature controller, computer temperature controller, counter, timer / pedometer / pedometer with radio (automatic frequency modulation, with storage and memory function).

14》 Projection clock, square clock (rotary LCD clock)

15》 Pedometer / Runner / fat pedometer

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the purpose of "people-oriented, development and innovation, creating wealth, sharing achievements and feeding the society", and has won the trust of our customers. We will continue to introduce high-tech products, adhere to our commitment to customers' product quality and service, and grow together with customers.